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Getting Started On Stocks



Sell Short : 短线卖出,做空。相信一支股票价格会下跌。

OTM/ITM options

MACD: moving average convergence/divergence. 用来做Day Trading中判断何时买入和卖出。决策点是两线之间的距离的差。

RSI: Relative strength index, indicating if a stock is getting over-sold or over-bought.

技术面: 数值预测,相信有reoccuring event 重点是可以通过技术面看大众的心态。

基本面: 看财报。运行状态,盈利水平。帮助了解基本,但是也会收到随机性的影响。

EPS: Earning per share

财报: 类似比基尼,露出来的都不是重点。From Burton Malkiel 重点是解读没露出的。

投资组合: 互为替代品组合成生态链。比如度假酒店和雨伞集团。互相补充。

Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio) : how much an investor is willing to pay for one dollar of earnings.

PE = Price / Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Price-to-book(PB): Companies use the price-to-book ratio (P/B ratio) to compare a firm’s market capitalization to its book value.

PB = Market Value per share / book value per share